Dancing on Ice: The Final Skate-Off

March 19, 2008 by  
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ITV1, Sunday 16th March

Dancing On Ice Sunday night saw the finale of this season’s Dancing on Ice, and though the odds were against her, former Hear’Say singer, Suzanne Shaw, pipped Hollyoaks’ Chris Fountain to the proverbial post. Let’s be honest, it was never really a fair game for Corrie’s Zaraah Abrahams, who knew she was walking on thin ice (ha!) from the start. Considering the number of bets placed on Fountain to win though, (Sky Bet has taken more money on him to win this year’s show than the whole amount gambled in last year’s series) the result was somewhat of a shocker.

Aw, couldn’t you just see the disappointment in his eyes when the final result was announced? He took it well, no doubt, but even he must have started believing the inevitability of his fate and to hear his opponent’s name called instead of his own must have been quite a blow. When you consider that the show was the second most-watched programme of the year so far, according to viewing figures, he was certainly spared no blushes. Neither was the audience upon laying eyes on Miss. Willoughby for that matter, dressed out of another of her semi-garments. Clearly a policy of the show to ensure maximum flesh exposure at all times both on and off the ice, Holly’s threads gave the contestant’s skimpy outfits a valiant run for their money. See, even if she can’t skate and is only good for grinning inanely at Philip Schofield’s nauseating jokes, she has a special place on the show.

And so that’s it for another season. The old hat stars – Schofield, Torville and Dean – having successfully re-subjected the public to their haggard faces in a last attempt to bump up their pensions, can now rest their weary limbs – that is until the big Dancing on Ice Tour they’ve got planned comes around. Mmm…God bless the mass appeal of family entertainment.

By Susan Allen