Transport for London

March 17, 2008 by  
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At last, an enlightening piece of information that is accompanied by its relevance to real life!  I remember doing those brain teaser puzzles when I was younger, where one line seems longer than the other and straight lines look curvy but actually aren’t, and in fact, it’s just my brain playing tricks on me.  I also remember thinking what useless and arbitrary pieces of information these were.  What were they ever going to teach me about life?  Well, thank you TFL for spelling it out and importantly applying this knowledge to something we can relate to – driver perception.

The first awareness-raising advert of three from Transport for London demonstrates how easy it is to feel inaccurately comfortable with other drivers’ distances and speeds around you.  It uses line drawings to illustrate the way our brains sometimes fill in information wrongly when judging our surroundings and then immediately shocks with a figure of a cyclist hitting the windscreen.  This advert is straight to the point and likely to stick in people’s minds – a good use of 41 seconds in encouraging road users to give motorcyclists, and indeed their first impressions, a second thought.