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Well, it’s obvious.  Coca cola makes everything rosy in the world.  Bad boys turn good, busking tramps acquire a peculiar tunefulness and rats dance the can-can.  The latest offering from the brand sees everyone jubilantly celebrate with a bottle of coke in their hands.  Just what they’re celebrating remains unclear but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with buying lots of Coca cola…

The gist of the thing focuses on the main character of a computer game, who at first appears to be the usual hedonistically destructive alter-ego of some bored real person, yet who turns out to recognize the value of giving due to living ‘on the Coke side of life’.  Beautiful.  The use of the medium of virtual reality is pretty fitting – this is no dose of gritty realism – think Grand Theft Auto meets musical theatre.

Ok, so we all know that advertising is meant to seduce but it’s not fair when they use such a catchy little tune from one’s childhood and seamlessly associate youthful hopes of a flourishing humanity with a bottled drink!  No doubt about it, Coca cola has given us a little love with their new ad, and we can be sure what this means for them.

Indeed, I was gleefully humming this tune from Bugsy Malone hours later while popping out to get me some bubbly brown stuff.  Didn’t manage to stop any thieves from stealing old ladies’ handbags though and now I come to think of it, there definitely weren’t any policemen forming human pyramids…  Maybe that happens the more you buy…  Must live the dream.  Must buy more coke.

Miladocka says:

perfecto to jee 🙂

Tvgeek says:

Great article, totally agree!