Home Office Fire Prevention

January 30, 2008 by  
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Fronted by Julie Walters, the “Pull Your Finger Out!? campaign from the Home Office Fire Prevention team warning homeowners to fit working smoke alarms certainly made me take a minute to check if mine needed new batteries.

A world away from the “down-to-earth? good time girl of the Asda ads, which let’s face it, basically strings together minute clips of mildly funny quips from Walters “mucking in? with Asda staff and customers to promote the “feel good? shopping experience – note: there’s no doubt in my mind that she took a long soak in non-Asda bubble bath, gulping non-Asda wine to get over the strain of non-spontaneous, positively forced “hilarity? of the day’s filming – the Home Office ad relies on a decent script that is capably performed, and it works.  Short, to the point and effective, Miss Walters is doing here what she does best, effortlessly switching from light and frothy to desperately bleak, which is chillingly underlined by the camera shot that pans the kitchen to finally reveal its charred remains.   It is certainly a thought-provoking piece.

Though, I will point out, just in case you didn’t notice Julie, your kitchen is, um, actually on fire.  Never mind telling us to pull our finger out.  Stop drinking coffee and chatting!  Look behind you!  Your house is bloomin’ burning down!

For more information on the “Pull Your Finger Out!? campaign, go to www.communities.gov.uk.