Cadbury’s Creme Egg

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“Creme Eggs come into the world with a single purpose: to get their goo out.?

So states the testimony on the official website of the new campaign from Cadburys.  The adverts themselves, short animations ending with the fatalistic catchphrase, “Here today, Goo tomorrow?, are based on this school of thought, each one featuring a particularly determined chocolate egg, passionately manipulating household implements including a flip top bin, a blender, an egg slicer, and a hairdryer to achieve its sticky destiny.  Ingenious, self-harming eggs.  I love it. 

An exceptionally early plug for Cadbury’s Creme Egg’s Easter offerings but an entertaining one at that, the brand has once again successfully injected an eccentric nugget of humour into their latest promotion.  Though, mildly concerning when you care to consider the analogy that might quite feasibly be made between these devoted elliptical nutters with their motto ‘In Goo We Trust’ (see the site) and the tactics of some devout fanatics in the current climate in which we live.  But hey, let’s not mix politics with chocolate.

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ricky carr says:

I found a piece of graphite in my creme egg in a box of six creme eggs then in that same box of creme eggs my sister found another piece of graphite so could you send us a refund my address is

skiddaw view holiday park limited
cumbria ca72jg cheers….

Ran says:

Hilarious. I like Cadbury’s recent adverts.