Setanta Sports

December 17, 2007 by  
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Oh dear, what a carry on! Setanta Sports’ Christmas ad certainly brings a bit of traditional slap and tickle to the festive season. A little predictable for the male market it’s aimed at though don’t we think? Never mind the expected feminist argument that it’s degrading to women, its clichéd ‘puppies’ joke surely just undermines the contention that sport may actually be considered by its followers as a forward-looking, sophisticated ritual that may in fact require innovative adverts of quality to captivate the intelligence of their customers. Considering the Citroen C4 offering of ice-skating animated robots, you’d think Setanta might be able to at least nudge the boat out.

Still, that’s the trouble with cheap seasonal gags built around old-hat one-liners. They’re never going to blow you away in an exhilarating gust of wonder and they’re not going to leave you grabbing your sides to keep your guts from spilling out as you fall about laughing. That’s not what they’re there for. It’s not really even a case of sex selling – since when were the words ‘a couple of puppies’ used to seduce anyone you know?!

Here we have an instance of unoriginal Sid James-derivative patter generating a brief, pervy snort in the hope that the combination of Des Lynham, that girl from BB who pretended to be Australian and what can only tenuously be described as wordplay (‘Setanta Claus’) keep you entertained long enough for the brand name (mentioned a generous three times in thirty seconds) and their corporate yellow hue to become emblazoned on your memory to surface in a sudden revelation amidst your frantic search on Christmas Eve. Simple? Yes. Effective? Only Christmas sales will tell.