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BBC 3, Thursday 15th November

The Mighty BooshI have been eagerly hoping for quite some time now to be reunited with Vince Noir and Howard Moon, and last night finally saw the long awaited return of ‘The Mighty Boosh’. Set in Naboo’s knick-knack shop Nabootique, the pair were left in charge as he and his gorilla companion Bollo went on a shaman stag do. Of course, disaster ensued. The boys went head to head to see who was the better salesman and Vince’s indie celebrity radar device proved far more popular than Howard’s selection of elbow patches. Howard ended up being urinated upon profusely by an unwelcome Londoner and told he had to cough up 1,000 euros as he was left alone in the shop by Vince who went off to spend his winnings. Luckily enough though, they were saved by a woman lusting after Howard and it all ended in a new rave extravaganza of a song.

A bit too ‘in touch’ for my liking though. Yeah, so there was a scene where Howard shrunk and went inside the Hitcher’s top hat, danced with a mini-ballerina and sang a song about eels, but what was the abundant reference to Shoreditch all about?! I wasn’t particularly interested in the celebrity-hunting nature of east London trendies even if that is where the actors hang out to drink the latest cocktail and dream up ideas for the show. I wanted more surrealism, more unexpected absurdity – where was the arctic tundra?! Less popular culture references, more randomness I say.

Still, it was nice to have them back. Like old friends who you can not see for weeks or months yet with whom easily slip back into the same familiar ways, I was soon beaming at their endearing, meandering exchanges. And there were reappearances of some old characters – the shamans “bound by shaman law but what goes on tour stays on tour?, the Moon and the Fagan-esque Hitcher – all adding to the smooth transition into what looks to be a suitably mind-bending third series.

By Susan Allen

Jorge says:

I. Love. The. Boosh.

Awesome comeback, the song was fantastic.

Elenor was BRILLIANT!