Sony HD Digital Camera

November 9, 2007 by  
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How terrifying would it be if everyone in the street were to start grinning and thrusting their pelvises in your direction as you made your way home one day!  Imagine the psychological strain the morning after a heavy Friday night out as you try and keep your head down and prevent the mild nausea in your belly from taking physical form until you make it home, shower and sleep it off but people around you insist on fuelling your confusion and “working you baby? – now that would be the walk of shame from hell!

An imaginatively mesmeric new ad from Sony set to the soundtrack of Justin vs. Simian’s ‘Never Be Alone’ advertising their High Definition digital camera, the tag line, “ready when you are? promotes the latest in high-speed imaging technology. 

Its enchanting yet disjointed, ‘Donnie Darko’ feel (Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike, slo-mo camerawork, strange sexualised school girls etc.) is especially effective in depicting the compelling creepiness of the narcissism that the camera brings out in everyone.  I certainly don’t believe that they’re all his “friends?, particularly not that little girl blowing bubblegum aka one half of ‘The Shining’ twins or the zombie-like bloke on the bus who looks like he might start devouring the guy’s neck at any given moment.  Perhaps this is just what the average paparazzi guy has to go through when he pops out for a loaf of bread in Primrose Hill – “look, I’m not taking a photo of you just now ok?!?