Coronation Street one hour special

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ITV1 London, Wednesday 31st October 2007

David PlattThis Wednesday saw David Platt, Corrie’s teen super villain, drive his car into the canal in an act of insolent disregard for his sister’s wedding day. An apt soap-thriller for Halloween eve, snarling David left what can only be described as a downright insensitive message for his family on the answer phone before putting his foot down to the Wannadies “You an Me? – an interesting choice of send-out song for a loner misanthropist.

Meanwhile, a livid Sarah, whose vows were interrupted by the archetypal police presence at a soap wedding, refused to halt the proceedings and gave Jason, her fiancé an ultimatum at the altar – say ‘I do’ now or forever hold your peace. And so the celebrations continued. How no-one properly cottoned on to her manic ‘there’s-no-way-I’m- going-to-not-enjoy-my-wedding-day-even-if-my-brother-has-just-topped-himself’ smile is a mystery. Off they traipsed to the local Italian for the reception where gossip about the unstable individual proliferated across the champagne flutes.

Eventually though, it all got too much for Jason and he understandably couldn’t stomach a groom’s speech what with the crisis at hand so he risked the wrath of his wife and the confetti-covered newly-weds gathered at home with Gail et al to wait for news of David. After an aggressive encounter with an innocent trick-or-treater Sarah could only manage a gasp when he finally turned up on the doorstep, soaking and muddy while Gail positively smothered him in relief.

An impressively varied performance from Tina O’Brien throughout as the somewhat more sane sibling pushed to the edge, without doubt, this gripping episode from the street anticipates only more drama to come.

By Susan Allen