Tesco F & F

November 1, 2007 by  
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Doesn’t this ad just make you wish you had a valid excuse to stride fabulously through a room and coolly pour a drink over someone at a glamorous party!  No doubt about it, the new ad from Tesco with its air of French chic, is edgier than their last effort.  The previous commercial, featuring a girl on horseback galloping through woodland while frivolously spattering mud on her flowing frock was a blissful depiction of the romance of beautiful excess.  However, this one’s altogether more ruthless in its portrayal of expendability – both Tesco’s cheap F & F range and lovers alike that is. 

Sexy and empowered, the wronged woman takes a leaf out of her husband’s book, effortlessly disposing first of her wedding ring and then her stained dress in an assertion of indignant invincibility.  Her catapulted drink – note: the same sort that her hubbie’s new bit of stuff throws back at her – echoes this ‘getting rid’ theme that sums up the value that Tesco clearly place on their clothing in general – the capacity to be replaced.
The trouble is it kind of leaves you wondering whether it’s just a bit brutal on your wardrobe.  Ok, so by throwing out your barely worn clothes at any given chance you might be able to maintain your cool but what did the clothes ever do to deserve such dismissive treatment?!  No, I think I’d have to prearrange with a friend to slyly pick up my dress after my grand exit and whack it in the washing machine for next time!