Harvey Nichols – The Food Market Collection

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An interesting take on the buzzing backstage of the catwalk, the latest commercial from Harvey Nics sees a zooful of animal models – “Fashionable Foodâ€? – getting prepped for their moment of fame!  It’s all costumes, hair rollers and foundation brushes here though, not a chef’s knife in sight, as the farmyard creatures are combed, not carved for the cameras.

Teetering between surreally funny and disturbingly frank, we see diva pigs on the run, a twitchy chick giving herself some extra oomph by doing a line (..of seeds) off the mirror, veneration and denigration within the same breath and some bony little goat puking in the toilets.

Drugs and eating disorders aside, the ad has a commendable go at portraying Harvey Nichols as a food and clothes outlet in vogue, at the top end of its market.  Cleverly dubbed with animal noises and stylists yelling overwrought instructions, it certainly delivers all the anticipation and thrill of a fashion show, but I just can’t help imagining the panic in the ostrich’s darting eyes as she steps beyond the curtain into the light, to come face to face with an eager audience of HN Food Market consumers, salivating and wielding polished meat cleavers – “3,2,1…Go!”

HSBC Premier

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I am so very taken by this charming piece of film fronting the new advertising campaign for HSBC. Beginning with the adorable Spanish drummer, bongo drums in hand, standing on the vast shore, indicative of his own prospects, we see him bid farewell to his parents as the lively little beat carries us along his career path to San Francisco, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

The constant patter transfers over the course of the ad from an assuring pat on the back from his mother, through nervous finger-tapping and dialling of that crucial phone number, to an affirmative handshake and the mechanized conveyor belt of his debut CDs, stamping out success.

The notion of travelling onwards and forward is deftly portrayed by the sense of movement, not only in the beat, but also in the various modes of transport and the energetic dancing that is humorously contrasted by the staid old man in the club. And the Mission Impossible-style text denoting each of his current locations adds to the sense of time passing and pressing purpose.

Its largest international advertising campaign since “the world’s local bank� in 2002, HSBC’s new tag line reads,

“Have you ever wondered where your life might take you?..

..HSBC’s Premier Service. Banking without boundaries, from the world’s local bank�

HSBC Premier, the world’s primary international banking and wealth-management provider may well be aimed at rich, internationally-oriented customers but its latest ad, personal and catchy, is likely to get anyone excited about exploring the world’s opportunities.